Brand Študent includes a Slovene news portal and printed magazine Študent. It targets teenagers and young adults, mainly college students. It is regarded as one of the best news portals for young people in the country of Slovenia as well as the entire former Yugoslavia region.

We offer online promotions for our business partners. We excel at product promotions, as we are able to present products and services in fun and exciting ways. We are able to expand our range beyond the borders of Slovenia. The reason being, that we have bilingual abilities, speaking all the languages of the former Yugoslavian nations (including Kosovo) as well as Italian.

We have a widely recognized brand with a long legacy (since 1997), during which we have gathered valuable local and regional connections and became acquainted with the local consumers, business etiquette and prices of Slovene, Balkan and Adriatic territories.

Regions of promotion

zermljevid slovenije v balkanuSlovenia

Market: Slovenia ??

Main advantages:

  • Local language
  • Local connections
  • Good and trusted relations

Former Yugoslavia region

former yugoslavian countriesMarket: Former Yugoslavia

  • Slovenia ??
  • Croatia ??
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ??
  • Serbia ??
  • Kosovo ??
  • North Macedonia ??
  • Montenegro ??

Main advantages:

  • Language (ability to promote in all the languages of former Yugoslavia)
  • Regional connections (ties to big media houses in all of the countries)
  • Good advertising space prices

Promoting options and prices

student packages with prices

Promotion examples

Online promotion PR article

pr article student

Promotional Facebook post

fb post student

Instagram: revija­­_student

instagram post student


web banner student