Comedy Night in English #1 – Derrek Carriveau

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    Date(s) - 26. aprila, 2019
    20.00 - 22.00

    10KA klub smeha

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    Comedy Night in English #1
    Comedy Night in English #1

    The Derrek Carriveau is an American performer living in Wroclaw, Poland. He is a stand-up comedian, voice-over actor, and podcaster. Known for his whiskey-warm voice, martini-dry wit, and over-reliance on alcohol metaphors, Derrek’s mix of introspection and observation has delighted audiences all over Europe and exactly one city in America.

    In Like an Animal, Carriveau’s 6th headline show, he covers a range of topics from the realities of being an immigrant to kids to drinking (but definitely not immigrant kids drinking) with all the misplaced bravado he can muster.

    The Derrek Carriveau has given talks on stand-up comedy at Wroclaw’s University of Technology, IBM, and WSF. He has performed at TEDxWroclaw, Pyrkon, and Wrocław Fantasy Days.


    1. Lucija Ćirović
    2. Gašper Bergant


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