Comedy Night in English #2


    10. maja, 2019    


    10KA klub smeha
    Mala ulica 5, 1000, Slovenija, 1000

    Comedy Night in English #2
    Comedy Night in English #2

    Milo Edwards is a former Cambridge Footlight (the club that spawned Monty Python, Fry and Laurie and more) who started performing stand-up as a student before forging a career as a comedian on Russian TNT TV, as part of the shows ‘Open Microphone’ and ‘StandUp’. He now lives back in the London, playing comedy clubs all over Britain and Europe, working on his new show ‘Pindos’. He also hosts the popular UK political comedy podcast Trashfuture. This will be his second time performing at 10ka.

    What’s it like to have 15 minutes of fame in the largest country on earth? The debut stand-up hour from British comedian and former Cambridge Footlight, Milo Edwards, about how he became a Russian TV star, had a gun pointed at him and discovered that the way home is sometimes hardest to find.

    ‘Pindos’ is a show about celebrity, language, show-business and sending dogs into space for the good of communism.

    “Fantastic…had me in hysterics” (The Cambridge Student)

    “Effortlessly funny” (The Tab)


    1. Beno Stare
    2. Rok Bohinc
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